Alltec Lifting Systems is the consultant of choice for crane and rigging safety in construction and industrial work environments.  Drawing on a network of specialists, Alltec works with organizations throughout North America to improve crane and rigging operations.

Crane and Rigging accidents are far too commonplace in the modern era workplace.  Alltec provides training, risk assessment and critical Lift Planning BEFORE your job to assist in avoiding accidents.  We also provide Specialized Rigging Support, Accident Investigation, Due Diligence Assessment, and Expert Testimony if required.

Alltec Lifting Systems employs a staff with over 130 years combined experience in the industry.  We provide on-site Rigging Consultants which can ensure that your rigging plan is executed with exacting measure.  Our staff can provide daily, weekly, or as-needed feedback to rigging personnel in the field.  Whatever your rigging needs, Alltec Lifting Systems has the solution.