Alltec Lifting Systems employs a superbly qualified staff of designers to provide our clients with Lift Planning and Design to handle the most complicated lifts within the industry.  Using the latest versions of AutoCAD to develop first-class Lift Plans, including 3D modeling, we provide clients all over the world with the best lift plans, best lifting equipment, and an unequalled level of outstanding service.  Out-sourcing your Lift Plans saves time, money, and ensures you a comprehensive viewpoint from a team with over 100 years cumulative experience in the industry.

Combine the technical viewpoint with feet-on-the-ground by utilizing our Consulting Services to ensure proper plan execution.  See our Consulting Services section for additional details.

Critical Lift Planning Overview and Service:  Alltec Management can conduct "will call" visits to your site or facility, walk down scheduled operations, discuss methodologies with all persons with interest in the lift, and provide the required level of Critical Lift Planning to successfully and safely complete the operation.

Critical Lift Planning Services:  Upon request, Alltec will provide the following services; 

  • On-site Walk Down of the proposed operation,
  • Planning phase on-site consultation,
  • Written critical Lift-Plan development,
  • On-site Training, Inspection and Oversight of the Lift Operation       
  • Ground-Bearing Pressure Calculations