Since 2006, Alltec Lifting Systems has had only one “Mission” and that is to ensure all crane and rigging projects are executed safely and efficiently, from start to finish, by supplying projects with first-class equipment, experienced and qualified on-site management, and outstanding support. The most common cause of crane incidents is without question “Bad Decisions”.  Eliminating “Bad Decisions” and ensuring the highest quality of risk avoidance is what we do at Alltec.  We will supply your project with only the best rigging equipment available, current load-test certifications, with excellent feedback and availability before, during, and after the project.



Below is an example of some feedback received-

Thanks Stephen, the lifts went great. All the rigging worked out just fine. I am a guest here doing this job for our Houston Branch, but I will recommend you guys to anyone. We have lots of rigging but trying to get the certs on everything for a plant can sometimes be an obstacle. You guys delivered as stated and had certs on everything which was a must on this project. Thanks again,


Project Manager