Alltec Modular Lifting Beams®, patent pending, were designed and manufactured in 2009 to meet the needs within the petro-chemical industry to set modular components with ease.  The beams are accompanied by our Bolt-Up Beam Calculator® which determines the exact capacities based on the span, lifting load, and location of CG.  The program is especially essential in the case of offset CG's, where rigging plans become difficult.  With Alltec's Modular Lifting Beams® and Bolt-up Beam Calculator®, offset CG issues are a thing of the past.  The software enables on-site personnel to perform lifts in a precise manner with minimal down-time.  This is achieved due to the fact that the only rigging requiring adjustment between lifts, on like-sized modules, is that which is directly below the beams, linking the piece being lifted. The capacity of the beams is determined according to configuration, with multiple configurations available up to 60+ feet.  Alltec Lifting Systems makes module work a snap, and by minimizing down-time between lifts, saves valuable man-hours and dollars for your project.